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Our online ordering works best with Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge, Firefox, and Safari. Old versions of Internet Explorer (8.0 and before) can be troublesome. Maximum file size for online ordering is 150 MB, which is plenty for most research poster presentation files.

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Send us an E-mail with the file(s) attached. This works well for PC and Mac files. Send your email to:

Many e-mail systems and ISP's limit the size of file attachments (Hotmail is 10 mb, Gmail and Yahoo are 25mb). If you get an error, try ordering online.

For files over 150mb in size (and that's much more than they usually need to be) you can go to our FTP File Uploader and transmit your file. It requires a password, please call us for that on 603-536-2900.

If you e-mail or FTP your order, here's the information we will need with your file:

  • Size and number of prints of each file
  • Material- matte or glossy paper, foldable fabric
  • Laminating if desired, tri-fold if desired
  • Shipping information (no PO Boxes for Fedex)
  • Contact person, email & phone number if we have questions
  • Visa/MC/Amex number or PO (with credit approval). Call us with your CC number, we suggest you not put it in an email.

For really large files, please go to and log in with password we give you, you will need to call us. This works well up to 1 gb file size. After that, let's talk about why your file is so large, it generally does not need to be over 50 mb to get good results!

Once you are logged in (a yellow key will appear), put in your email address and click upload, browse and select your file. PLEASE send us an email with the job specs.

If you have several files to send, we suggest you ZIP them together ("Stuff-It" on the Mac) into a single file, it's faster for us both. Zipping larger files is always appreciated! If you have any trouble transmitting files, give us a call.

If you prefer to send us electronic media, we support flash drives and CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disks.

A word about proportions: Height and width of your original file must be proportional to the height and width of the finished poster size. Download an excel print sizer or see the chart below.

Poster Resizing Calculator

Enter your file's original dimensions and then one of the desired dimensions to figure out what dimensions your file will need to be to scale up for your final research poster.

Original Size

width height

Poster Size

width height
    If either height or width exceeds 56",
    Set PowerPoint layout to Half-Size by going to...
  • In versions 2003 and older, File --> Page Setup
  • 2007 and newer, Design --> Page Setup
And find more resources at:
Poster Design Help
Final Poster Size Poster Template
Page Setup Size
36 x 60 18 x 30
36 x 72 18 x 36
42 x 60 21 x 30
42 x 72 21 x 36
42 x 84 21 x 42
42 x 90 21 x 45
48 x 60 24 x 30
48 x 72 24 x 36
48 x 96 24 x 48

Fonts- It's best to stick with common fonts like Arial and Times New Roman, and use Symbol for Greek characters. Script and stylistic fonts can be hard for your viewers to read, and should be avoided. If you have an unusual font you bought elsewhere, send the font file along with your poster file so we can load it before printing. It is a big help if you convert your fonts to curves in the programs like Corel and Illustrator.

Photos- Scanned in photos should be 72-100 dpi in their final size. This is about 250 kb of jpg per square foot of final size. If, for example, you are scanning a 3"x5" photo that will be printed at 6"x10", scan at 200 dpi. to have a 100 dpi image when printed.

A word about digital photographs- a 480x640 pixel digital picture should not be any larger than about 8x10" on your research poster. A 2 megapixel digital picture is 1200x1600 pixels and takes about half a megabyte of space on your hard drive. We find these can be printed up to16x22" size. More megapixels are usually unnecessary unless the photo is going to be very large.

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